About Us

We make God’s love visible! The Daughters of Divine Charity (“FDC”, from the Latin, Filiae Divinae Caritatis) is an active apostolic religious order. We were founded by Mother Franciska Lechner in Vienna, Austria on November 21, 1868. We are impelled by the unconditional love of God and imbued with the Charism of our Foundress, to “make God’s love visible” to all. We strive “to do good, to give joy, to make happy and to lead all to Heaven.” Since the arrival of the sisters in England in 1914, our main apostolate has been in education. At present, there is a school in Swaffham, a nursery in Chesterfield and a small care home in Hunstanton. In the Parishes where our Convents are situated, many of the Sisters are Eucharistic ministers, visit the sick, elderly and housebound among other needs.

Our sisters around the world make God’s love visible in various ways. Some of us work in the hospitals, in nursing homes and in the local parishes. We prepare children for first Holy Communion and Confirmation. In some communities, we provide food for those who are in need. We also have a missionary community in Uganda.